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Biomat Filter
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We are manufacture of dental equipment in the last 40 years, and through our long experience with dental suction systems, we developed a small chair side filter that will keep all the suction line starting in the
dental chair via the vacuumed pump, free of all solids, including amalgam which is the most dangerous material in dentistry to the environment because it contains mercury.

The filter composed of 3 types of solids separators technologies:
sedimentation, centrifugation and filtration.
• In the first level large solids removed from the stream by filtration.
• In the second level, solids are removed by Centrifugation & Sedimentation. These sections reduce the speed of dental stream
flow, which allows solids to settle out of the dental stream.
• On the final level, the stream goes through two levels of Filtration units. The first filter has 1 mm filtration. Parts bigger than 1 mm does not enter the filter and sediment in the Bio container
• The upper part of filter has 0.1 mm filtration mesh according the demand of international standards ISO 11143 All solids that pass the lower part of 1 mm, will be trap any inside the filter since the upper part is very small 0.1 mm.


The filter use combination of 3 technologies to achieve high level of flirtation to dental stream. Plus the advantages that the filter is independent and can be mount on any dental unit type. Bio filter will protect all electric amalgam separators; Bio filter will prolong the life of those built-in separators by cleaning the suction stream from solids.

Few more feature:
• Container that can be reusable with disposable hermetic cup cover for shipping to recycler supplier.
• Outlet connection for clean water to wash and dilute the suction stream.
• All kind of connection available to fit all kind of tubing and adaptation of Bio filter to any kind of cuspidor.

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