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IntraOs 70 X-ray

IntraOs 70 X-ray
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Smart Timer for Ease of Use
The AutoSet timer is intuitive in its use. It features automatic setting of exposure time from 60ms to 3,2s through selection of tooth type and patient size. Dose is adapted according to the sensitivity of the chosen receptor. For better control the selected values are displayed and manual adaption is always possible if required. Additional features are automatic correction for mains voltage fluctuation, full protection against tube over-heating with accurate cool-down procedure for minimum waiting time and improved safety features with selective alarm messages and back up timer.
High image quality
Sharp images with good radiographic contrast for optimal detail perception are granted by the combination of 70kV penetration power and the anodic current of 7mA with a wide range of exposure times from 60ms to 3,2s. The timer assures consistent film blackening in a wide range of operating conditions, day after day, year after year allowing you to expect long life high diagnostic quality.
Flexible integration
IntraOs 70 can be easily integrated in your dental studio. Available configurations are wall mounted solutions with short, medium or long support arms, or mobile.

Type: Grid-Control Action
Mains Line: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
High Voltage Potential:70 kVp
Anodic Current: 7 mA
Focal Spot: 0.8 IEC 336/1982
Duty Cycle: 1/30
Inherent Filtration: > 2.5 mm Al
Focus Skin Distance: 21 cm
Round collimator: Output Radiation Field 6 cm
Rectangular Collimator (optional): Output Radiation Field 3.2x4.2 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Timer AutoSet
Mains: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Microprocessor controlled functionality
Zero-crossing power switching
Automatic setting of exposure time by object selection
Manual setting of exposure time from 60 ms to 3.2 s (plus or minus, 18 steps)
Child or Adult patient selection
“Low dose” setting for digital receptors
Hand-switch provided with 3 m coiled cord
Automatic correction for mains fluctuations selectable on request
Back-up Timer
Timer and hand-switch can be remotely mounted
Dimensions: 15 cm width, 24 cm height, 9 cm depth
Wall mounted support system includes:
Wall adaptor:
width 12 cm (4.72”)
height 24 cm (9.45”)
depth 9 cm (3.54”)
Support arm:
short 30 cm (11.8”)
medium 60 cm (23.6”)
long 80 cm (31.5”)
extra long 100 cm (39.4”)
Scissor arm:
useful reach of 30 cm extension arm: 138 cm (54.3”)
useful reach of 60 cm extension arm: 168 cm (66.1”)
useful reach of 80 cm extension arm: 188 cm (74”)
useful reach of 100 cm extension arm: 208 cm (81.9”)
Mobile support includes:
Mobile stand:
width 78 cm (30.7”)
depth 92 cm (36.2”)
height 112 cm (44.1”)
total height with folding arm 186 cm (73.2”)
Folding Arm
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